Useful Endeca Tips and Commands

Fix “Failed to obtain lock” error

./ LockManager releaseLock update_lock
When you accidentally CTRL+C a running process or an error occurred, The flag will remain on the EAC and you need to release it before you can run a baseline process again. This command will do the trick.

Update your configuration

./ --update-definition
If you have edited your AppConfig.xml or any Configuration files at /config/script you need to update your configuration for your changes to be applied. The command above will let you update your definition without restarting the platform services nor force you to execute

Don’t use --equivopt dgidx flag

this dgidx flag is used to compute dimension value equivalence classes to minimize the index size, however this adds up to the indexing phase time. This flag has been deprecated starting Endeca 6.4.0. We used this before for saving some disk space but upon removal on 6.4.0 it took down our Dgidx process from 7 hrs to 45 minutes with no threads specified and down to 25 mins with 16 threads.

Maxing your Dgidx --threads

Maxing out your available CPU Cores for Dgidx’ disposal will do wonders. The speed won’t exponential based on the number of cores because –threads flags are only used on the indexing phase of Dgidx, but if you need faster execution time Add this flag.

Note: This post will be updated if i encountered other useful commands on Endeca 6.1.x or 6.4.x search platform. Some of the tips are available on the Oracle perf guide, I’ve rewritten it here based on my own experience and for easier archive retrieval.