Endeca Search Platform

Endeca Search Platform is a commercial solution that’s also used by many companies around the world, mostly for e-commerce websites. It doesn’t rely on algorithms but it tries to emulate a “conversation” between user and your data.

Endeca features the use of unstructured data and business intelligence. Search engines help your user refine to the things they want to search using multi-facet categorization.

We have implemented multiple merchandising rules and search pre-processor using this engine.

There are several ways to merchandise a product in your Endeca Search Engine. One good example is the “Boost or Bury” feature that lets you define what products do you want to put on top of the search result or bury in the deepest of your results. This is a good tool for your sales team to push fast selling products on top. Our default ranking is computed based on the average sales but this tool makes merchandising customization by website page a breeze.

1. Boost all “Nike” products when user is on the “Running Shoes” Page
2. Bury all results with Rating < 50 and Boost all records that is flagged as free shipping

Endeca has been acquired by Oracle last October 2011 and as of now the old endeca portal/documentation is now closed. The oracle portal and oracle communities is alive and kicking but i’m missing the old cool/chillax/helpful environment of endeca community. The portal was easy to use and will show you relevant search results and documentation is the best.

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