Installing Sublime Text 2 on Linux Mint 12 or Ubuntu

I have been using sublime text along side with vim for a while now and so far this is my Notepad++ replacement. This editor is fast, light weight, very customizable and really slick looking. the license costs 59 USD but an evaluation version can be downloaded for free, however a pop-up will show every some number of save.

I have defined my shortcuts just the same as Notepad++, this helped me migrate to sublime much easier. When you enter “Vintage mode” your editor will become VIM.

The Pane on the right side is effective when searching text because the text will be enclosed on a oblong and will be visible in the code overview Pane.

Installing Sublime


Download the version 2.0.1. Note: you can get the latest version’s downlink link at

 wget ""


Extract the version 2.0.1

 tar -jxvf Sublime Text 2.0.1.tar.bz2


Add to your $PATH variable

adding to your $PATH means you can launch sublime using “sublime_text” command on your terminal or launcher. Be sure to add restart your bash profile by restarting or logging out and loggin on your desktop/laptop.
echo "export PATH=$PATH:`pwd`" >> ~/.bash_profile

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