How can twitter earn money

Twitter has a 140 character limitation which is imposed early on. 20 characters reserved for a twitter username and 140 for the text, this feature has been loved this feature. Money however will be become problematic sooner or later, they tried several steps monetizing their site by showing promoted spo on the trending widget, but still the dollars are not coming.

They are trying to create a billion dollar from their collosal userbase but twitter is not like facebook. Facebook has this targeted ads that is based on demographics and the user likes and users on fb has this culture of changing its UI every now and then. Twitter on the other site was promoted by early adopters that was passed by words to non-geeks. They never had a drastic UI change in the past and their users will not like it because they expect that twitter to be just the same old interface they have loved, Simple and no clutter.

Regarding monetization my idea is to have a pro-account or a credit based policy. If they could charge twitter power users for the service they will earn a lot. SMS has been charged per successful text message and earns more directly proportional to the volume of SMS. They could have a limit of 50 tweets per day or less for free accounts and let users that exceeds the limit to buy the service for 200 tweets a day or even unlimited tweets they will earn bucks and we’ll see less clutter on your twitter feed. I know you have a friend where they posts almost anything they do, what they eat.

more money for the company, less annoyance on your feed. Win! Win!

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